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The CaddyTek Super Deluxe Golf Push Cart


Every golfer knows the importance of a great golf push cart. Carts are different and not all of them are the best. That’s why having the right one is important, and this means doing some due diligence before purchasing a push cart. Here is a review of CaddyTek Super Deluxe Golf push cart, one of the best models on the market.


  1. Versatility

When you fold the CaddyTek it reduces to 17.5 inches and the width 15.75 and the height 33.6 inches, the perfect size to fit into any car trunk. Also, you can fit the golf bag even when you fold the unit. The CaddyTek golf cart is easy to use and to carry as it is lightweight, selling at an affordable. If you are looking to save a few hundred dollars, then consider the CaddyTek Super Deluxe golf push cart. The perfect choice for any golfer.

  1. Great wheel alignment

Unlike other golf push carts in the market, the CaddyTek Super Deluxe golf push cart comes with a front wheel alignment mechanism. However, it is lighter as compared to others, but the material used to construct the frames is heavy-duty frame, durable and strong at the same time. It is even amazing how the golf cart is lighter than other carts made of aluminum, yet it is constructed with heavy-duty steel. In addition, the golf push cart has an ergonomic design and also features parts and an adjustable handle featuring pushing position types.

  1. Weight

The CaddyTek golf cart is perhaps the lightest of not one of the lightest golf carts on the market. The golf cart comes with additional features such as mesh net, umbrella holder, and beverage holder. There golf cart also features other add-ons such as braking mechanisms and patented folding.

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